June 15, 2024

Is Maths compulsory for IPM? How to prepare for it?

Academic goals get enlightened through a student’s determined approaches and how they increase their competence level. A bright future comes with a lot of challenges that have to be handled by the students to optimise their future to be secure and safe. However, their passion for the competitive edge only has to be increased from the beginning.

Nowadays, due to the rapid diversification of career prospects, students are getting confused about their preferences, and most are becoming well acquainted with the great opportunities in the management field. So, to ensure better chances for the students, they must appear for the IPM entrance exam.

IPM or IPMAT is a Management Aptitude Test incorporated into integrated programmes. Several universities curate their own IPMAT to deliver the students integrated programmes in management. Specifically, IIM Indore facilitates its IPMAT, whereas IIM Ranchi obtains the IPMAT and SAT scores. Likewise, IIM Rohtak facilitates its IPMAT exam to acquire the best-dedicated students from around the country. 

Many students fall into the dilemma of subject-based questions in IPM entrance, mainly Maths subject becomes a nightmare. Most aspirants grasp a perception of not being prepared enough for IPM as they come from a non-back background. But you need to understand that several students come from a non-math background at IPMs and have passed the entrance exam with glorified results. To eradicate your fear, let us understand the weightage of Maths subject in the examination and how you can prepare effectively to achieve good grades in the IPMAT entrance examination. 

Preparation ideologies for non-math students for IPM

Let us clear your doubts that Mathematics will not be your compulsory subject for IPM. Up to three years, you need to have your base strong in general maths such as statistics, probability etc. But, to appear for the exam, you need to be well prepared, and we can assure you that only with simple and minor maths problems you can pass the entrance with great scores. Let us get into the preparation details. 


Magnify your focus on the basic topics

When you are aware of the pattern of the IPMAT exam, give your major time to basic maths topics like arithmetic and algebra that are the same for IPM and the BBA entrance examination. A significant portion of these base topics must be covered in your practice session, as you can attempt every question from the above topics. It will help you to obtain more scores when you do not attempt the questions from higher maths elements. Keep your time limit short while solving the following maths topics. 

Just overlook the higher maths components

The test considers a smaller number of higher maths components. So, you need to be strong in the fundamentals to achieve more marks in every section, along with verbal ability questions. Overlook the higher maths concepts for a brief knowledge of the core principles and standards. Moreover, practise the basic maths problems to have a good grip on the question format. 

Consider a few topics and proliferate in them

Understanding the time limits, no one can attempt all the questions in the IPMAT examination. So, effortlessly broaden your scores by opting for the questions you are confident about. You can solve them in minimum time to save your limits. As you will not be attempting all the topics, there is no unnecessary need to make your preparation complicated with higher maths components. You just have to go through the topics and value the format and what the principles are composed of. With regular and determined practice, you can ace the exam with great motivation. 

Be thorough in your practice

The IPM entrance consists of higher maths concepts already taught in your 10th and 12th. So, if you practise them thoroughly, you can recall the method and find the best way to solve them. Choose the higher concepts taught to you during the board examinations and practise them thoroughly to score well in the exam. Be precise about the concepts and handle your preparation timetable for better effects. You can also take suitable help from a famed coaching centre to acquire the best practice sessions with mock tests

Some curated points for you to grasp for IPM:

  • You don’t have to revise through all the concepts precisely, but you should have the ideas of the topics and which topics you can ace strongly.
  • Don’t lose hope if you feel the higher maths concepts to be extremely hard on the first attempt. Consistent practice and high dedication will make your core strong, and you will pass the test efficiently.
  • A large portion of questions comes from the standard 10th and 12th syllabus. So just recall the topics, and you will be prepared for the exam.
  • Basic and foundation concepts must be cleared first, as these will fetch your maximum scores. 

Concluding words

There is nothing called impossible, and as a non-math student, you can get into your dream university with thorough practice. Put a determined amount of effort and motivation into preparing the maths concepts, and you will achieve great scores in IPMAT without any hassle. 

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