May 25, 2024

​​10 top reasons for considering term insurance

In the complicated vertical of financial planning, emphasising security is critical. Term insurance stands out as a key precaution, protecting families from life’s unexpected catastrophes. In India, where familial relationships are highly treasured, the necessity of ensuring financial security for loved ones in the case of one’s absence cannot be avoided. Essentially, a term insurance policy reflects a commitment to protecting the family’s future while providing mental peace via comprehensive coverage.

Adding to this, the utility of a term insurance policy in a financial plan is complex. It functions not just as a safety net but also as a strategic component of a comprehensive financial strategy. Term insurance, with its modest premiums, allows individuals to get a significant coverage amount, which may be useful in controlling responsibilities and assuring the continuation of lifestyle for their families. Furthermore, term insurance plans are simple and flexible, catering to policyholders’ different requirements and changing situations by coming across as a configurable alternative that corresponds with individual financial goals. The additional benefits, like tax savings under various provisions of the Income Tax Act, make term insurance a more appealing option for financial planning. This makes term insurance more than just a choice; it is a necessary component of protecting a family’s financial well-being, demonstrating a forward-thinking attitude to financial readiness and resilience.

 Here are the top 10 compellingreasons why considering a term insurance plan should be on your priority list – 


The straightforwardness of term insurance is a refreshing change from the other complexity-rich financialservices. It is also this straightforwardness that attracts a wideaudience, making sure that even people with little financial knowledge canunderstand and value what the protection endows. Simple terms andconditions create trust and confidence among policyholders as they knowthat they will be benefiting from a laid-down safety net for theirdependents.


The main advantage of terminsurance is that it offers a lot of coverage for a small amount, so it iseasily accessible. This affordability acts as a critical component in acountry like India, which has a wide economic spectrum and requires common peopleto have easy access to financial products. With only a small part of yoursalary, you can make your family continue living their normal living standard,irrespective of your absence. This function is specifically relevant in aculture that values continuity and security of family members. 

         Financial security for family

India is a country where family ties go very deep and the society’s expectation to yield is extremely high. Therefore, term insurance with its financial security is priceless. It ensures that when the policyholder dies prematurely his family will not have to worry about the daily costs rising from education and marriage to the settling of debts. This layer of financial security is an important part of the family that prevents lifestyle deterioration, as it serves as a stabilising component during emotionally and financially difficult periods.

        Tax benefits

The tax advantages of term policy resonate with the mindset of Indians when it comes to investment and savings. The potential to deduct premiums from taxable income according to Section 80 C along with the provision of tax-free status of the death benefit according to Section 10 (10D), makes this insurance policy even more attractive as a financial instrument for financial and tax preparation. 

        Easy to buy

The digitalisation of the insurance purchasing process haseliminated geographical and logistical hurdles, making term insurance availableto a larger audience. This ease of access, along with the ability to evaluate,choose, and manage insurance online, appeals to the tech-savvy generation whilesimplifying the process for those unfamiliar with digital platforms. Thissimplicity has elevated term insurance from a reluctantly acquired product to acritical component of financial planning.

        Coverage for critical illnesses

The critical illness rider’s addition to the life insurance addresses a rising concern among Indians, i.e., the upsurge in life-endangering diseases as well as growing medical expenditures. Such riders endow a lumpsum cash advantage to the insured upon diagnosis. This is a financial lifeline for the insured, so they can avail themselves of the best treatment without the need to dip into savings or investments that are particularly meant for the future of their family. 

        Mental peace

The emotional calm that comes with knowing that your family will be financially stable in your absence is inexpressible. In our culture, where family ties and commitments go deep, this may be the most important benefit of term insurance. It assures policyholders that their most cherished ones will be shielded from financial hardships, allowing them to live with less worry and more focus on the present.


The term plan is a flexible product that permits adjustments in cover amount, payment terms and insurance policy duration, which accommodates the changing and diverse financial conditions in Indian families. Whether helping with a housing loan, a kid’s higher studies or a retirement plan, a term policy can be customised to match distinct life phases and goals as required, thus remaining relevant and adequate throughout one’s life span. 

        Incentives for healthy living

With health becoming an area of concern for many, the incentive offered by term policy for maintaining a standard lifestyle encourages individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle, which results in healthier and longer lives. Such incentives, which are demonstrated as low premiums, not only make complete sense financially but even add to the thorough wellness of the insured. 

         High sum assured

The huge sum insured by term policy guarantees that the family’s future is safe, particularly in the occasion of inflation and rising living expenditures. This characteristic is essential in a growing country like ours, where financial goals and the expenditures of attaining them are both increasing. It assures that ambitions like higher studies and a car or homeownership are still achievable, even when a fundamental earner is not there. 

Given the above-mentioned reasons, it is clear that term policy is more than just an option; it is a necessity. It is an essential step towards assuring that your beloved is protected from financial challenges in your absence. The earlier you select a term insurance plan, the better the pricing and coverage you may avail yourself of. 

 With life’s uncertainties looming around, availing term plan cover as soon as possible is not just essential, it is even a critical step towards a happy and sensible financial planning and future. Accepting this protection guarantees that the future of your family will shine brightly, unaffected by the unpredictable events that life brings.

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