April 18, 2024

How To Become an IAS Officer in Younger Age?

Becoming an IAS Officer is a dream for every aspirant. For this, they start their preparation at an early age. The minimum age to appear in the annual exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission is 21 years, and the maximum age varies according to the candidate’s category. Job of an IAS officer attracts millions of youth to be an IAS officer. A decent salary, responsibility to develop an area and administrative power are the key factors that attract a student.  In this blog, we have mentioned the answer to one of the most asked queries, How to Become an IAS Officer at a young age. Aspirants must be eager to know the tips and tricks to be followed by them to becoming an IAS officer at 21 Years.

8 Ace Tips To Be An IAS Officer at 21 Years

Ansari Shaikh is the youngest IAS officer in India, who passed the UPSC exam at 21 years old. Based on his interview, we have mentioned 8 tips to be followed by UPSC aspirants for adding IAS before their name. Before that, you should have proper preparation for the Civil Services Aptitude Test, or CSAT, which is one of the two major papers for the UPSC Prelims Exam. It tests a candidate’s knowledge, analytical ability, interpersonal skills, and reasoning ability. Except for this, you should be habitual in writing 250 to 300 words answers, it will help you in Mains exam answer writing.

Start Early – The most important and mandatory step to achieve your desired success. You must be familiar that UPSC is the toughest exam in this country, and it is not a cakewalk. It is mandatory to know everything before you start the preparation or appear in the exam. Study as many books and study materials.

Optional Subject Selection – The optional paper carries 500 marks in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. Choosing an ideal optional subject according to your interest is much needed. It could be your rank deciding factor.

Invest Your Free Time – It is mandatory that you invest your free time in your knowledge. Whenever you get a vacation in your high school or college, study relevant books and enrich your knowledge.

Study Syllabus- Without knowledge about the UPSC Syllabus, no aspirant can perform well. As an aspirant, you should study the syllabus thoroughly and have knowledge about the pattern, important topics, etc.

Keep Eyes On Official Announcements – Use the internet and other announcement sources to learn about the UPSC announcement, so you can be familiar with the changes made by the commission for conducting the exam. 

Use the Internet For Study- The world is changing, and education is easily available on the internet. Use digital maps, mock tests, online UPSC classes, etc. There are uncountable sources from there you can get knowledge.

Previous Year Question Papers – facing the previous year’s question papers will help you to find your weakness and work on those points. Apart from this, you will be prepared for the real-time challenges of the UPSC exam.

Keep Monitoring Current Affairs – As an IAS exam aspirant, keep monitoring current affairs daily. Choose a newspaper like The Hindu, monthly magazines like Kurukshetra, etc.

These are pro tips that a younger age UPSC aspirant should follow to achieve their most awaited dream.  

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