April 18, 2024

All you need to know about Twill Fabric

All you need to know about Twill Fabric 

Fabric is made from threads and fibres by weaving, knitting, felt, etc. Among different types of woven textiles, twill fabric is the most popular and commonly used one. 

The word twill is a newer version of the English word “twili”, which means woven with paired thread. Because of this woven style, the front side of Twill fabric is dark in colour, and the back side of it is comparatively light in colour. 

Texture weave involves a one-way diagonal weave in which the weft (horizontal filing yarn) thread moves over the warp (vertical) thread, and after that, it travels under two or more warp thread-making diagonal and parallel rib patterns on cloth. 

We often see these diagonal knitting lines on fabrics used in daily routines that show the unique weaving pattern. 

What is twill fabric made of? 

A special feature of twill fabric is its diagonal woven lines that are easily recognizable. These woven lines make it different from other textile materials. Twill Fabric is made of cotton, synthetic or a mixture of both. 

The cotton used in the production of cotton Twill fabric is 100% natural cotton. This natural cotton is obtained from soft hairy fibres that encircle the cotton seed when it is grown up. Some popular cotton twill fabric products are Denim, Chinos, Upholstery and bath linens etc. 

Cotton twill is also a good texture for hot summer months because of its pure cotton material, softness and sweat-absorbing qualities. Denim jeans are popular manufacturing of cotton Twill. 

Polyester is a common synthetic material used in the production of twill textiles. Fibre made of polyester is a double-sided diagonally ribbed material that is 100% made of polyester. Polyester Twill Fabric is long-lasting and encased. Commonly used synthetic twill textiles include raincoats, table linens, sofas and cushions etc. 

Twill Fabric: Utilization 


Denim Jeans are the most used twill fabric woven from cotton or a mixture of Twill materials

Textile Products: 

Common housewares such as towels, sheets, cushions, pillows, covers, bed sheets etc., are made of Twill Fabric. 


Twill Fabric is used to produce a lot of upholstery fabrics and decoration products. These products include sofas, foam and curtains etc., that last for several years without any damage. 


Chinos, khaki pants, jumpsuits, polo shirts and overcoats etc., are also designed using Twill Fabric. 


  • Easy to wash & wear:  To wash and carry twill Fabric dresses are the best 
  • Show lesser stains: Due to its quality, hard-woven stuff twill doesn’t highlight stains more, so spilling off anything may not affect more. 
  • Feels soft while carrying: Usage of pure cotton, silk, or polyester Twill Fabric seems more soft and comfortable.
  • Doesn’t show more wrinkles: Thick woven materials don’t show wrinkles and roughness often. 
  • Easy to sew: The sewing process of twill fabric is easy because it is easy to handle and manage 
  • Variety: there is a huge variety of fabrics made of twill, so it provides multiple options to utilize it.

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