April 18, 2024

What are a Trench Digger and its use?

What are a Trench Digger and its use? 


A trench digger is heavy mechanical equipment used for digging soil. The purpose of digging dirt varies from underground sewerage pipes to electricity cables.

Compared to a manual shovel, a trencher is also very handy for soil irrigation and installing sprinklers. Here you can read more informative details about Trench Digger.


Different types of digging tasks require different sizes of trenchers, which accommodate various functions according to the demand. Following are the main types of trenchers. 

Types of Trench Diggers


Different options are available out there for multiple needs. You can check the suitable item according to your need and affordability. Two major types of Trenchers are as follows:


Walk-behind Trencher

A walk-behind trencher is adaptable, a multipurpose tool used to dig through different surfaces. A walk-behind trencher help to dig from 12 to 48 inches deep and 3 to 16 inches wide

Ride-on Trencher 

Some heavy-duty trenchers that are known as Ride-on Trencher help us to trench  more width and depth as compared to Walk-behind trenchers


Chain Trenchers

A chain trencher looks like a considerable chain-saw that cuts hard soil or rocks with the help of a chain that is rounded around a boom. According to the demand of depth and width, the crash is adjustable. It can also cut deep, narrow trenches. 


Wheel Trenchers

Whee trencher is also known as a Rock trencher. It contains a toothed metal wheel we can use to dig hard soil and rocks. As compared to a Chain trencher, the wheel trencher is relatively faster and cheaper.

Portable Trencher

Portable Trenchers are walk-behind trenchers commonly used for Irrigation systems, generating lines and edges in the irrigation systems. These are also used for installing sprinklers, lighting, water lines, etc.

Uses of Trench Digger 

Cutting Rock, Pavements, or  Concrete


Wheel Trencher, also known as rock wheel, is used for cutting at different depths through hard and soft soil. It can cut rock, concrete or pavement—large toothed metal whee on its front side. Wheel trencher helps push trenched materials to the sides using ejectors and spacers.

Preparation of  safety  trenches 


During wars, large trenches were designed to protect the troops from machine-gun fire and other attacks made through the air.

Severing roots

 Gardeners and lawn carers use Trenchers to remove roots of cut trees from their lawns to keep the soil and property clean.

Utility uses 

Power companies use Trenchers to dig trenches for installing Wires, pipes, or cables .for the maintenance or removal of the same power supply setup, they use trenchers in different ways. 

Irrigation Projects

Trenchers are used to digging up the soil to install a sprinkler system or underground piping. It is used to generate edges and lines in irrigation.


Bottom Line 

The old-time man on earth used any artificial excavation tool to cut, cavity, or trench, which was time-consuming and also needed more human power. 


Compared to manual digging tools, trenchers have made trenching tasks easier and more time-saving with a trench digger. So, you should use them for your digging needs

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