June 15, 2024

Three Key Tips To Know For Helping You Bet On The NFL

Three Key Tips To Know For Helping You Bet On The NFL

With the 2022 NFL season well underway, many fans are watching their favorite teams as casual fans, while others are diehard fans of the sport and watching more than just their favorite team. Others are checking the latest NFL odds and placing bets throughout the year, with some just starting out in the sports betting world. 

For those who haven’t ever bet and are unsure what to do when it comes to sports betting, there are definitely some things to know before diving in. Below is a list of things new bettors should know before starting out in NFL betting.

#1 Understand the Basics of Betting

As many reading this are new to sports betting in general, it is important to understand the basics and terminology of sports betting. As most understand what NFL lines are, the most common bet for the NFL is on the spread. The spread is either a +/- depending on who is the favorite or the underdog, and in this case, the minus is associated with the favorite while the plus is associated with the underdog. 

If a team is -7.5 on the spread, that means that team needs to win by eight or more points in order for the bet to win. On the other end, if a team is +7.5 on the spread, they either need to lose by no more than seven points, or they need to win the game outright. 

The next most popular bet to place on the NFL is the over/under or the total for the game. This number changes depending on the two teams playing and could be as low as 35 or as high as 55. 

If a game over/under is set at 45.5, a bettor on the over will win if the game has a score totaling 46 points or more, while the bettor on the under will need the score to be 45 or fewer total points. If two high-scoring offenses are playing against each other, people often bet the over, while two great defensive teams facing off have bettors leaning to the under.

Lastly, the moneyline is the third most popular bet, which just needs the chosen team to win the game in any outcome. Odds for this can be anywhere from the favorite at -250 or -120, depending on how close the matchup is expected to be. For this type of bet, many look to bet the underdogs they think will pull off an upset as there is more money to be made on an underdog who has odds of +170.

#2 Location Matters

Whether it is the home team or the away team, make sure to look into the home and away records for teams, as some tend to perform better or worse depending on where the game is played. For example, teams like the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots have the best home records in the NFL since 2018 and are perfect examples of “home-field advantage.” 

The Chiefs and Seahawks are known for their loud stadiums, which they are used to, but incoming teams may not be used to all that noise while they play. Another scenario for the location being important is teams who struggle on the road. Prior to the 2022 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the worst road record since 2011, with a 16-72 record. 

Although they haven’t been the best team in general, they tend to struggle much more on the road. Vegas NFL odds will often swing certain ways depending on if the team is home or away and how they typically perform.

#3 Check for Injuries

With football relying heavily on the team aspect, it is important to take a look at injury reports, as one player being out could have a major effect on the outcome of the game. If a significant player like the starting quarterback or the best wide receiver on the team has been listed on the injury report, make sure to constantly check their game status throughout the week and specifically on the weekends, as many players are often game-time decisions. 

A helpful tool outside of the team’s own report is often analysts involved in the NFL. Give some a follow on Twitter as they are constantly updating their followers with the latest reports and statuses of players.

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