June 15, 2024

Where to Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Online Mass Registration

Today, when you try to register on almost any social networks, messengers, or applications, the system automatically requires a phone number to send a verification code. Without this step, it is impossible to complete the registration procedure. But not all users are willing to use their personal phone number, because there are risks that it could fall into the hands of third parties.

In general, registering on a specific resource, you want to remain completely anonymous and not to use a phone number that is tied to your personal data. These problems can be solved by using the service of virtual numbers. So let’s see real situations, how a virtual phone number for SMS can help each of us.

What is a virtual phone number to receive SMS?

Virtual phone number for SMS is a usual phone number with country, city and operator code, which works on the principle of text message forwarding via Internet. The main advantage of these numbers is that you don’t need a SIM card to use them. You can get a virtual number through specialized services on the Internet in just a couple of minutes.

Where can I use virtual phone number?

Mass registration of accounts. Almost all popular social networks, messengers and applications request phone number for registration. As a rule of thumb, you can only link a phone number to one account. Therefore, you will need to use a new mobile number to create each new account. A virtual phone number for SMS is perfect for this task. It’s much more economical and faster than getting a new SIM-card at a cell phone store.
Marketplaces and bulletin boards. For example, you want to put an ad for sale on a classifieds site. But for certain reasons you do not want to communicate by phone, and you are much more comfortable to correspond with customers. But the site requires a mandatory phone number. How to be? In such a situation, you can specify a virtual phone number. The technology works in such a way that this number substitutes your real number, and you can easily publish the ad you want. Therefore, the calls will not reach you.
Preservation of anonymity. Imagine you need to register on a dating site or any other site you do not trust. Also, you may simply do not want anyone to know that you have registered there. So how do you keep your identity a secret? It’s easy. You just need to get a virtual phone number for texting and use it to register. Virtual phone numbers are not tied to a specific person and do not require any personal information. Therefore, to find out the real owner of such a number is simply impossible.
To get rid of phone spam and unwanted text messages. A lot of websites, social networks, messengers and online stores ask for your information in order to regularly send out promotions, discounts and other spam. If you do not want to receive such calls and mailings, a virtual phone number is what you need. All spam will come to such a mobile number, and you simply won’t notice the spam calls and the avalanche of useless messages. As we think, it is not only convenient, but also helps to relax in the flow of endless information, which is piled on us every day.

How do I get a virtual phone number for SMS?

In order to get a free virtual number to receive SMS, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Go to the registration page sms-man.com and create an account.
2. After login to personal cabinet choose “Top up your balance” section from left menu and make deposit by any convenient way.
3. After the deposit of money go to the main page and choose the desired country of virtual number. There are about 150 countries available on the site.
4. After selecting the country, you need to specify the service where you need to confirm the phone number. When you do all this, click “Add”.
5. The virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet and is ready to use.

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