May 25, 2024

Proven Sports Betting Strategies

You can find tens of betting strategies if you do a bit of research, but it’s much harder to prove that they are worth trying. This is why you should always look for examples where people have high win rates. On the other hand, even if you take someone’s strategy, it doesn’t mean it will work for you because some decisions are made at the last minute.

They are maybe focused on the college football schedule while you watch soccer which is two different sports with different betting options. There are only a few great practices that can be applied to any sport. Adapting the strategy based on the moment is the best way to go, but don’t change the principles you might use, like the amount of money you want to spend.

Betting Against the Odds

People like to bet on a winner but like to support the underdog, which is a normal thing, but the favorite won’t always win. There are certain teams that play great against the top teams because they are motivated and in great form. That is the perfect time for you to jump in and place a bet, even if there is a bigger risk. But the odds will be much higher than on the favorite.

This isn’t the case for NHL because there aren’t too many big favorites that will have 1.20 odds on them. But soccer or football has the top teams that should beat someone with a huge goal difference. It takes a bit of effort to do the research and find pick the right time to play against the top teams. Make sure to have smaller bets on these tips so you can continue playing if there is a losing streak.

Finding the Difference Between Bookmakers

Bookmakers sometimes use the same odds when they have the same provider, but that isn’t always the case, and you will have different odds for the same match. This is a great opportunity if the odds are a lot different to play on both teams at the same time.

For example, the line for NBA points on one website can be 218.5 with 2.0 odds, and on the other, it can be 214.5 with 2.0 odds. If you place a bet on the first one that it will be lower and on the second one that it will be higher, you will have a guaranteed profit if the number of points is between 214 and 218.

This strategy is very hard to manage because there are only a few opportunities per month where you can do this. It also takes a lot of time to find these opportunities and place bets on them before the odds drop.

Women’s Tennis

For those that like tennis and betting on it, women’s tennis is the way to go, but only if you follow a few players and you know a few things about them. They tend to play great at certain times and awful just the next week, and these trends keep happening all the time. If you can figure out when they will have a losing streak, you can keep doubling the amount you place for a few matches.

It takes a bit of time to build up this strategy, and the best tip is to have around 5 players that you will follow. It’s a bit different for man’s tennis, but they also have disadvantages, like those two are used to playing on a certain type of field and can’t handle the other.

Middle Table Teams

This is a proven strategy only for disciplined players that will place a bet each week on one or a few teams that are usually in the middle of the table. The bet you would place is X, or it will be a draw. This is mostly for gambling on soccer because there are a lot of draws being played, especially in leagues like Ligue 1 in France. The middle-table teams will have at least 2 games in 5 with a draw result.

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