Top 100 Nature Quotes

Top 100 Nature Quotes That Make Your Mind Pure

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There is nothing beautiful and beautiful in this world. Who does not love nature In this world, Everybody loves nature. We are giving you a collection of the Best Nature Quotes, Nature Photography Quotes, Natural Beauty Quotes, Greenery Quotes, Wildlife Quotes, Save Earth Quotes, Nature Love Quotes.

“Nature always Wears The Colors of The Spirit.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature Quotes

“Look Deep into Nature, and then You will Understand Everything Better.”

Albert Einstein


“Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It will Never Fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Nature Quotes

“Nature is Painting for Us, Day after Day, Pictures of Infinite Beauty.”

John Ruskin


“Try to be a Rainbow in Someone else’s Cloud.”

Maya Angelou

Nature Quotes

“Adopt The Pace of Nature: her Secret is Patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“The Butterfly Counts Not Months but Moments, and has Time enough.”

Rabindranath Tagore

Nature Quotes

“In every Walk with Nature One Receives Far more than He Seeks.”

John Muir


“Nature is Pleased with Simplicity. And Nature is No Dummy.”

Isaac Newton

Nature Quotes

“In all Things of Nature there is Something of The Marvelous.”



“Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature.”

Gerard De Nerval

Nature Quotes




“The Clearest Way into The Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.”

John Muir


“If you Truly Love Nature, you will Find Beauty Everywhere.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Nature Quotes

“I Believe that there is a Subtle Magnetism in Nature, which, if We Unconsciously yield to it, will Direct us aright.”

Henry David Thoreau


“Nature is Indifferent to our Love, but Never Unfaithful.”

Edward Abbey

Nature Quotes

“If I were a Tree, I would have No Reason to Love a Human.”

Maggie Stiefvater


“Wherever you Go, No Matter what The Weather, always Bring your own Sunshine.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

Nature Quotes

“​Snow was Falling, so much Like Stars Filling The Dark Trees that One could Easily Imagine its Reason for being was Nothing more than Prettiness.”

Mary Oliver


“Flowers are The Sweetest Things God ever Made and Forgot to put a Soul into.”

Henry Ward Beecher

Nature Quotes

“Forget Not that The Earth Delights to Feel your Bare Feet and The Winds Long to Play with your Hair.”

Kahlil Gibran


“No Spring nor Summer Beauty Hath such Grace as I have seen in One Autumnal Face.”

John Donne

Nature Quotes

“Nature Holds The Key to our Aesthetic, Intellectual, Cognitive and even Spiritual Satisfaction.”

E. O. Wilson


“Nature Flies from The Infinite, for The Infinite is Unending or Imperfect, and Nature ever seeks to Amend.”


Nature Quotes

“I can Find God in Nature, in Animals, in Birds and The Environment.”

Pat Buckley


“In The Spring, at The End of The Day, you should Smell Like Dirt.”

Margaret Atwood

Nature Quotes

“It was for The Best, so Nature had No Choice but to Do it.”

Marcus Aurelius


“Colors are The Smiles of Nature.”

Leigh Hunt

Nature Quotes

“I’ve always Regarded Nature as The Clothing of God.”

Alan Hovhaness


“Just Living is Not enough… One must have Sunshine, Freedom, and a Little Flower.”

Hans Christian Andersen


“Nature is a Haunted House but Art… is a House that Tries to be Haunted.”

Emily Dickinson


“The Most Beautiful Gift of Nature is that it gives One Pleasure to Look around and Try to Comprehend what We See.”

Albert Einstein


“Live in each Season as it Passes; Breathe The Air, Drink The Drink, Taste The Fruit, and Resign yourself to The Influence of The Earth.”

Henry David Thoreau


“We Need to Find God, and He Cannot be Found in Noise and Restlessness. God is The Friend of Silence. See how Nature – Trees, Flowers, Grass- Grows in Silence; See The Stars, The Moon and The Sun, how They Move in Silence… We Need Silence to be Able to Touch Souls.”

Mother Teresa


“It Seems to Me that We all Look at Nature too much, and Live with Her too Little.”

Oscar Wilde


“Nature is but a Name for an Effect, whose Cause is God.”

William Cowper


“Those who Contemplate The Beauty of The Earth Find Reserves of Strength that will Endure as long as Life Lasts.”

Rachel Carson


“Sunset is still my Favorite Color, and Rainbow is Second.”

Mattie Stepanek


“Normality is a Paved road; it’s Comfortable to Walk, but No Flowers Grow.”

Vincent van Gogh


“The Magic begins in You. Feel your own Energy, and Realize similar Energy Exists within The Earth, Stones, Plants, Water, Wind, Fire, Colors, and Animals.”

Scott Cunningham


“The Goal of Life is to Make your Heartbeat Match The Beat of The Universe, to Match your Nature with Nature.”

Joseph Campbell


“When you Do something Noble and Beautiful and Nobody Noticed, do Not be Sad. For The Sun every Morning is a Beautiful Spectacle and yet Most of The Audience still Sleeps.”

John Lennon


“As long as I Live, I’ll hear Waterfalls and Birds and Winds sing. I’ll Interpret The Rocks, Learn The Language of Flood, Storm, and The Avalanche. I’ll Acquaint myself with The Glaciers and Wild Gardens, and get as near The Heart of The World as I can.”

John Muir


“Nature does Not Hurry, yet Everything is Accomplished.”

Lao Tzu


“If we Surrendered to Earth’s Intelligence we could Rise up Rooted, Like Trees.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


“There is Something Infinitely Healing in The Repeated Refrains of Nature.”

Rachel Carson


“We Kill all The Caterpillars, then Complain there are No Butterflies.”

John Marsden


“If you Can’t be in Awe of Mother Nature, there’s something Wrong with You.”

Alex Trebek


“An Understanding of The Natural World and what’s in it is a Source of Not only a Great Curiosity but Great Fulfillment…”

David Attenborough


“If One Way be Better than another, that You may be Sure is Nature’s Way.”



“We Feel The Beauty of Nature because We are Part of Nature and because We know that however much in our Separate Domains we Abstract from The Unity of Nature, this Unity Remains. Although We may Deal with Particulars, We Return Finally to The whole Pattern Woven out of these.”

Ernest Everett Just


“Plant Seeds of Happiness, Hope, Success, and Love; it will all Come back to You in Abundance. This is The Law of Nature.”

Steve Maraboli


“The Main Point of Christianity was this: that Nature is Not our Mother: Nature is our Sister.”

G.K. Chesterton


“The Power of Nature is what all Art Strives to be. The more we can Get in Tune with The Harmony of The Planet, The more our Art can Benefit from that Relationship.”

Rick Rubin


“By viewing Nature, Nature’s Handmaid Art,
Makes mighty things from Small beginnings Grow:
Thus Fishes first to Shipping did Impart,
Their Tail The Rudder, and their Head The Prow.”

John Dryden


“God writes The Gospel Not in the Bible alone, but on Trees and Flowers and Clouds and Stars.”

Martin Luther


“I’m leaving my Sorrows and all my Memories behind to See what I find, Somewhere in The Shade near The Sound of a Sweet Singing River, Somewhere in The Sun where The Mountains make Love to The Sky.”

John Denver


“Munificent Nature Follows The Methods of The Divine and True, and Rounds all Things to Her Perfect Law. While Nations are Convulsed with Blood and Violence, how Quietly The Grass Grows.”

E.H. Chapin


“Nature is The Art of God.”

Dante Alghieri


“I’ve always Regarded Nature as The Clothing of God.”

Alan Hovhaness


“I Find Beauty in The Continual Shaping of Chaos which Clearly Embodies The Primordial Power of Nature’s Performance.”

Iris van Herpen


“Look at a Tree, a Flower, a Plant. Let your Awareness Rest upon it. How still They are, how Deeply Rooted in Being. Allow Nature to Teach you stillness.”

Eckhart Tolle


“One Touch of Nature makes The whole World Kin.”

William Shakespeare


“If The Sight of The Blue Skies Fills you with Joy, if a Blade of Grass Springing up in The Fields has Power to Move you,
if The Simple Things of Nature have a Message that you Understand, Rejoice, for your Soul is Alive.”

Eleonora Duse


“I have Seen many Storms in my Life. Most Storms have caught Me by Surprise, so I had to Learn very Quickly to Look Further and Understand that I am Not Capable of Controlling The Weather, to Exercise The Art of Patience and to Respect The Fury of Nature.”

Paulo Coelho


“Nature’s Beauty is a Gift that Cultivates Appreciation and Gratitude.”

Louie Schwartzberg


“To Sit in The Shade on a Fine day, and Look upon Verdure is The most Perfect Refreshment.”

Jane Austen


“A Miracle Constantly Repeated becomes a Process of Nature.”

Lyman Abbott


“Wild Roses are Fairest, and Nature a Better Gardener than Art.”

Louisa May Alcott


“What is Life? It is The Flash of a Firefly in The Night. It is The Breath of a Buffalo in The Winter Time. It is The Little Shadow which Runs across The Grass and Loses itself in the Sunset.”



“The Family is One of Nature’s Masterpieces.”

George Santayana


“How Beautiful The Leaves Grow old. How Full of Light and Color are their Last Days.”

John Burroughs


“I Know a Bank where The Wild Thyme blows, Where Oxlips and The Nodding Violet Grows,
Quite Over-canopied with Luscious Woodbine, With Sweet Musk-Roses and with Eglantine.”

William Shakespeare


“Nature is Not our Enemy, to be Raped and Conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be Cherished and Explored.”

Terence McKenna


“The Best Remedy for those who are Afraid, Lonely or Unhappy is to Go outside, Somewhere where They can be Quiet, Alone with The Heavens, Nature and God. Because only then does One Feel that all is as it should be and that God Wishes to See People Happy, Amidst The Simple Beauty of Nature.”

Anne Frank


“It is in The Wild Places, where The Edge of The Earth meets The Corners of The Sky, The Human Spirit is Fed.”

Art Wolfe


“Nothing is more Beautiful than The Loveliness of The Woods before Sunrise.”

George Washington Carver


“God is The Experience of Looking at a Tree and Saying, ‘Ah!’”

Joseph Campbell


“If you will Stay Close to Nature, to its Simplicity, to The Small Things Hardly Noticeable, those Things can Unexpectedly become Great and Immeasurable.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


“The Sun, with all those Planets Revolving around it and Dependent on it, can still Ripen a Bunch of Grapes as if it had Nothing else in The Universe to do.”

Galileo Galilei


“Many Eyes go through The Meadow, but few See The Flowers in it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“All my Life through, The New Sights of Nature made Me Rejoice Like a Child.”

Marie Curie


“I Like this Place and could Willingly Waste my Time in it.”

William Shakespeare


“Trees are Poems The Earth writes upon The Sky, We Fell them Down and Turn them into Paper, That We may Record our Emptiness.”

Khalil Gibran


“The Art of Medicine Consists in Amusing The Patient while Nature Cures The Disease.”



“If Nature put Not forth Her Power about The Opening of The Flower, who is it that could Live an Hour?”

Alfred Tennyson


“Man is Nature’s Sole Mistake.”

W.S. Gilbert


“Man is The Most Insane Species. He Worships an Invisible God and Destroys a Visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature He’s Destroying is this God He’s Worshiping.”

Hubert Reeves


“Nature is Full of Wonders; every Atom is a Standing Miracle, and Endowed with such Qualities, as could Not be Impressed on it by a Power and Wisdom Less than Infinite.”

Joseph Addison


“That The Sea is One of The Most Beautiful and Magnificent Sights in Nature, all Admit.”

John Joly


“Nature is Not an Engineer or a Contractor, and I Myself am a Part of Nature.”

Albert Einstein


“I’m so Not Stylish by Nature, but I’ve Learned to Work with what I have.”

Julie Bowen


“Nature does Nothing Uselessly.”



“Nature is to Zoos as God is to Churches.”

Margaret Atwood


“The Beauty of The Natural World Lies in The Details.”

Natalie Angier


“Animals are such agreeable Friends – They ask No Questions; They Pass No Criticisms.”

George Eliot


“To Explain all Nature is too Difficult a Task for any One Man or even for any One Age.”

Isaac Newton


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