July 20, 2024

India national volleyball team

India has also had some interesting performances in volleyball. Right now, volleyball live today is on 1xBet, which can also be used to wager on the most important matches played by the Indian national team.

The team has had some interesting participation in major competitions. The best examples are the Summer Olympics, the Asian Games and the World Championship. The biggest trophy they have been able to claim so far has been the South Asian Games. Punters can spend time on 1xBet, which is also a place that offers great live volleyball today, available for all users.

In fact, India has won the Gold Medal in these games on nine occasions out of the 11 tournaments that have been celebrated overall. This makes this nation a true volleyball powerhouse in this part of the world.

Great players

The Asian Games Gold Medal has been quite elusive to the Indian team. You can also visit 1xBet – try online volleyball betting on matches played on these instances. In 1962 they secured a Silver Medal, which is their best result yet. However, there have been some players who have been awarded individual trophies due to their performances. Some names include:

  • Sandeep Sharma;
  • Kirtesh Kumar Trivedi;
  • Yejju Subba Rao;
  • and G. R. Vaishnav.

Don’t forget to try online volleyball betting on 1xBet on other great Indian volleyball players who regularly take part in important matches. All the aforementioned players were selected among the best in a specific position during the Asian Games.

The Summer Olympics and the FIVB World Championship

The Indian national volleyball team has never taken part in the Summer Olympics. However, they were quite close to qualifying on a few occasions. Their best chances came during the 1980s, where they barely missed the opportunity to take part in the three editions of the games celebrated in that period. The Summer Olympics also have football matches, and https://1xbet.in/live/fifa offers the most rewarding bets on those matches.

The FIVB World Championship is a different story. India has managed to qualify twice to the competition. This happened in both the 1952 and the 1956 championships. Their best participation in the tournament came in 1952, where they ended in eight place.

In 2002, India barely missed qualifying for the championship. They were only one spot behind the last Asian team that qualified for the tournament. They have not been able to take part in any other edition of the tournament ever since. However, the squad has also shown some improvement, so it is likely that they might have a new chance in the near future. When that happens, make sure to go to the 1xBet online bookmaker and wager on that tournament.

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