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How to plan your retirement with term insurance and investment products?

Planning for retirement is an objective that requires a thoughtful approach as it includes combining insurance and investment products. In India, where the social security products are minimal, individuals must be proactive in securing their future after retirement. Term insurance and investment products play a role in ensuring a happy retirement life. This article will delve into how to plan for retirement using term insurance and investment products while exploring the benefits they bring.

Understanding term insurance

Term insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a period referred to as the “term”. If the policyholder passes away during this period, the insurance company pays out a death benefit to the designated nominee. Term insurance holds importance in retirement planning due to reasons. 

       Financial security for dependents

By having term insurance, you guarantee that your loved ones will be financially protected if you pass away unexpectedly. This protection becomes particularly critical during your retirement years when your family may rely on your pension or investments.

       Debt repayment

During retirement, it is possible to have debts such as mortgage loans or other liabilities. Term insurance can assist your family in settling these debts without burdening them.

       Legacy planning

If you have a desire to create a lasting impact or contribute to a cause term insurance can help achieve this goal by offering a payout, to the person or organisation of your choice.


Term insurance is generally more cost effective compared to forms of life insurance making it accessible to a range of individuals.

Benefits of term insurance in retirement planning 


Term insurance policies allow you to customise the premium amount and payment frequency according to your retirement budget.

       Tax advantages

The premiums paid for term insurance are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C, providing savings.

       Ample coverage

Term insurance policies offer coverage amounts ensuring that your family’s financial needs are met after your retirement.

       Peace of mind

Having the assurance that your loved ones will be financially secure can bring peace of mind during your retirement years. 

Choosing the right term insurance policy 

Selecting an appropriate term insurance policy is crucial to align it with your retirement goals and requirements. Consider these factors when choosing a term insurance policy –

       Coverage amount

Calculate the coverage amount based on your family’s needs, including expenses, outstanding loans, and future aspirations.

       Policy duration

Opt for a policy duration that extends beyond your retirement age to ensure protection during your retirement years.

       Enhance coverage

Consider exploring options such as illness, accidental death, or disability riders to enhance the coverage provided by your insurance policy.

       Check the claim settlement ratio

Also, it would be wise to research the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company you are considering. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free claims process for your nominee. 

Understanding investment products 

Investment options are created to assist you in enhancing your wealth. When it comes to retirement planning, they play an imperative part in forming the corpus that could support your life after you retire from your nine-to-five job. Some essential investment products are –

       Provident fund (PF)

The employee provident fund (EPF) and public provident fund (PPF) are government-supported investment options that offer tax benefits and guaranteed returns.

       Mutual funds

Mutual funds collect funds from various retail investors to form a portfolio of bonds, stocks, and various other instruments. They are managed by experienced fund managers. 

       National pension system (NPS)

NPS is a long-term retirement savings scheme that provides tax advantages. It allows individuals to choose between equity, debt, and government securities for their investments.

       Fixed deposits (FDs)

Fixed deposits offered by banks or post offices provide a fixed interest rate over a specified period. These deposits are considered investment options for retirees.


Investing in stocks or equity mutual funds can potentially yield returns in the long run although it does involve a higher level of risk.

Retirement planning can greatly benefit from investment products due to the following reasons –

       Wealth accumulation

Investment products offer the chance to build wealth over time ensuring stability during retirement.

       Protecting against inflation

Investments can help safeguard your wealth against the impact of inflation which gradually erodes the purchasing power of money. By growing your wealth through investments, you can maintain a standard of living, after retirement.

       Access to funds

Many investment options offer liquidity allowing you to access your funds in case of emergencies or to meet retirement goals.

       Tax advantages

Certain investment products provide tax benefits, such as deductions on contributions or tax-free withdrawals. These features make them attractive for retirement planning purposes.

Creating a retirement portfolio 

To better plan your retirement, it is necessary to form a diversified investment portfolio that consists of distinct investment options. Here’s a stepwise guide on how to form a retirement corpus. 

       Establish clear goals

Determine your retirement objectives, including the desired age of retirement and an estimate of your expenses during that period.

       Assess risk tolerance

Evaluate your comfort level with risk to determine a mix of investments. Generally, younger individuals may be more willing to take risks compared to those nearing retirement age who prioritise preserving their capital.


Allocate your investments across asset classes such as equities, debt instruments and government securities. This diversification helps mitigate risks associated with any investment type.

       Regular contributions

Make contributions towards your chosen investment products to benefit from the compounding effect over time.

       Monitor and make modifications

Regularly assess your investment portfolio. Adapt it according to your evolving objectives and market circumstances.

Blending term insurance, with investment products –

The successful approach to retirement planning entails integrating term insurance with investment options. Here’s a guide, on how to accomplish it –

       Get a head start

It’s important to begin planning for your retirement as soon as possible so that you can benefit from compounding and build substantial savings.

       Assess your insurance needs

Take into account your responsibilities, future goals and the needs of your dependents when determining how much insurance coverage you require. Consider purchasing a term insurance policy with protection.

       Allocate your investments wisely

When deciding where to invest consider factors such as your risk tolerance, age and retirement objectives. Explore investment options like funds PPF (Public Provident Fund) and NPS (National Pension System) to grow your wealth effectively. 

       Periodically adjust

It is crucial to assess both your insurance coverage and investment portfolio to ensure they remain in line with your changing circumstances and retirement aspirations.

       Optimise tax planning

Take advantage of the tax benefits on term insurance premiums and specific investment products to maximise your savings.


Planning for retirement requires consideration of aspects involving term insurance policies and investment products. While term insurance provides security to loved ones, investing in investment products allows you to accumulate wealth that will support the lifestyle you want during your retirement years. By selecting the appropriate term insurance policy and building an investment portfolio you can secure a stable and comfortable retirement life. Begin planning today for a stress-free tomorrow

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