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Best Online Casino Sites – Expert Review Casinoraja.in

The History of Online Casinos

The invention of the internet has turned the world upside down. In different spheres from stock trading to banana sales, big changes have begun. The gambling sector of the economy wasn’t an exception. Bookmakers realized that they can make gambling available online so their players wouldn’t need to go to land-based casinos to try their luck and increase their capital. With online gambling, they get what they need – an ability to play from their computer. The idea was really innovative and the
best online casino sites steadily became to steal customers from their offline competitors. Accessibility has become a key advantage. Not all casino fans live in Las Vegas and not everyone has the opportunity to go to a casino or a bookmaker’s office in their city. But everyone who has access to the Internet can start playing at an online casino.

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In 1994 governments of Caribbean countries appreciated the potential of a fast-growing industry and started to issue international licenses for online gambling companies. And at 1994 first online casino was opened. It was named  “The Gaming club”. The first brick was laid and over time more and more companies began to open their online casinos. By 1997, the total profit of all online casinos reached 1 billion dollars. The online casino industry does not stand still and becomes more convenient and attractive to customers every year. Competition is increasing and only honest companies with favorable conditions remain on the market. 강원랜드 카지노

What Is an Online Casino?

Online casinos are online versions of traditional land-based casinos. Online casinos give their players an opportunity to gamble from their computers and mobile phones. There are two types of online casinos. The first one is web-based online casinos. To start playing at this type of casino, players need just to find the required website and register on it. The second type is download-based online casinos. This type needs to download and install the app before you will start using it. It takes time and that is the reason why web-based casinos are preferable for savvy Indian players. 

The Legality of Online Casinos in India

Well, there are no laws regulating online casinos in India. Because this is a relatively new industry for the country, the government has not yet been able to determine its position on this issue. In any case, it is absolutely clear that online casinos do not cause any harm to India and its citizens. Moreover, they allow their players to have fun spending their free time and multiply the money they earn. Until the moment of adoption of the relevant laws Indian bookmakers works with International licenses like Curacao gaming license and others. Based on the above, we can conclude that online casinos and online gambling in India are absolutely legal. 

Features of the Online Casinos in India

Any international company entering new national markets tries to adapt its product and methods of work to local consumers. Online casinos and bookmakers aren’t an exception. That’s why in 2022 Indian users don’t experience difficulties with online casinos. Bookmakers have done their best to please Indian users and they reached their goal, Indian online bookmakers are known as honest and generous companies. The percentage of winnings and the level of customer confidence are probably the highest in the world.

Welcoming Bonuses

Competition in the field of online casinos in the Indian market is quite high. That forces Indian bookmakers to compete for new customers. That’s why welcome bonuses at these online casinos are so beneficial for new customers. For example, BetVisa suggests 300 free cash and five free spins after the registration, and 1XBET offers 130000 Indian rupes and 150 free spins. The welcome bonuses of other online casinos are no less and in some cases even more. Welcome bonuses of the  Indian online casino are one of the biggest in the world even if we recount them into US dollars. If you want to become a user of Indian online casinos, you need to hurry, because hundreds of people register at these casinos every day and after some time the welcome bonuses may decrease.

Mobile Apps

Global technological progress doesn’t stand still and over time things that seemed innovative a couple of years ago are becoming obsolete. This situation is also relevant for online casinos. If at the beginning of the 2000s online casinos were modern and popular, the era of mobile betting apps is beginning now. Mobile apps of the Indian online casinos have the same functionality and interface as their website analogs. But if you can place bets from your mobile phones, can place bets from wherever you want. You don’t need to go home, switch on your computer, and search for the preferable website. You need just to get the phone out of your pocket and open the betting app. Now all the major gambling companies in India have their mobile apps. The mobile apps are beneficial for both sides – you can place more bets and bookmakers receive more activity from it.


Most Relevant Indian Online Casinos

Indian online casinos are famous for their respectful and fair treatment of customers. But this is the main but not the only benefit. A wide choice of different online games from Dice to Poker. The full list of available games depends on a particular bookmaker. Online casinos are not the only option of the Indian gambling companies they also provide sports betting, Tv games betting, instant games, and Bingo. 

1XBET India

1XBET is a representative of a top-class online casino. One of the indicators of this is the high welcome bonuses. It is also necessary to mention the laconic design of the site and a convenient mobile app. The whole process of betting at 1XBET has based on 4 simple steps:


  • Registration
  • Deposit refill
  • Winning
  • Money withdrawal


This is how most games on 1XBET work. Of course, between registration and withdrawal, you will choose one of the more than twenty thousand different online games and have a real good time while playing it. The main thing is that all games are not only profitable but also very interesting. Start playing at 1XBET and you will understand why millions of users from all over the world stay loyal to 1XBET for years. 

BetVisa India

BetVisa is one of the largest Indian online casinos. A lot of players from all over India place their bets on BetVisa every day. One of the key features of BetVisa is its mobile app. BetVisa India mobile app is easy to download and pleasant to use. Big winning, fast withdrawal and highly qualified support service are the reasons why a lot of BetVisa’s newcomers stay with the betting company and became regular clients of the company. Another benefit for newcomers is a free VIP status after the first deposit. It gives you an opportunity to try all the possibilities of BetVisa’s online casinos from the beginning.

Parimatch India 

One of the biggest advantages of Parimatch is that they have a bunch of branches all over the world and all of the branches share their experiences and technologies with each other. For example, if Parimatch Russia finds a way to improve the mobile app, Parimatch India receive information on how to improve their app and will rapidly do this. It turns out that each separate local filial of the Parimatch company can use the best practices and research of dozens of other branches. It is obvious that the services of such a big company will work much better than similar services of smaller local competitors. The main benefits of Parimatch India are great technical service and rapid and helpful technical support. 

Parimatch India app and Parimatch India website are the last places where you can meet different bugs and errors. Their betting line is impressive too. They suggest not only popular sports like football and cricket. More than 20 kinds of sports are available to bet on. Political events, snooker, futsal, darts, and Australian football are only a part of the exclusive sports that you can bet on with Parimatch India.


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